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Vision Bloom's Web Design Philosophy

Web design needs to be consistent and of high quality to be in harmony with the visual psychology of the brain
The use of consistent and high quality design can promote harmony with the user's visual disposition.

Our visual sense has always been our predominant and foremost means of interacting with the world around us. We are all creatures of vanity, influenced by compelling visuals that can produce strong emotions, stimulating our minds and driving us to take action. When it comes to web design, the story is no different.

Web Design needs to adhere to the visual psychology of the brain, supporting the flow of the user's attention, while avoiding distractions that can interrupt the focused mind, including any inconsistencies or irrelevancies.

In support of the user's attention, good web design should be consistent, especially since consistency is fundamental to usability - and without proper usability, users can easily become annoyed or frustrated with a website and simply turn away.

Additionally, distractions can be avoided by focusing on design quality, which can provide for a simple elegance that besides being attractive, should emphasize excellence and distinctive characteristics that are in harmony with the user's expectations.

As a result of the above philosophy, Vision Bloom emphasizes consistency and quality in web design to provide a professional look & feel that generates a user friendly web experience for users, allowing design elements to better serve their purpose - to support the main message or goal of the website.

Vision Bloom uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) High Quality Graphic Design Professional Photography and Rich Multimedia Design with Adobe Flash to promote and support the design philosophy mentioned above. Read about these design capabilities below.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can help save time and money in the web design process!

Design with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a web technology used to design the look and feel of web pages. The proper application and mastery of Cascading Style Sheets has become essential to the fundamental design, layout, and rendering of website pages in today's modern browsers.

The use of CSS provides specific benefits, including the faster design of websites better organizations for maintenance of website pages faster download and rendering of websites and by indirectly supporting Search Engine Optimization.

In a nutshell, the use of CSS can save time, and money - during both the development and maintenance of a website.

Browser Statistics by usage share

Browser statistics by usage share

Additionally, the use of CSS provides a helping hand to a core problem in web design, the requirement to render website pages consistently across the numerous popular browsers in use today - including Microsoft Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari and the Opera Browser (to name the most popular).

By understanding core stylesheet principles and the appropriate application of cascading styles, a web designer gains the ability to design and format a website to one logical standard that is consistent across all browsers, increasing usability across different operating systems and across different users.

CSS helps with cross browser compatibility

Vision Bloom uses CSS and other web standards to help support cross browser compatibility,
facilitating the requirement to render and format website pages consistently across the popular browsers in use today.

Remember, Cascading Style Sheets are fundamental in today's web design - hence a mastery and knowledge of CSS can go a far way in the development of a professional and high quality website, while saving design time and money. Vision Bloom appropriately makes use of CSS in the design of websites for our clients, helping to produce solutions that are faster to design, easier to manage, and more consistent across browsers - ultimately saving you time and money in the web design process.

High quality graphic design helps enahnce the website user experience
High quality graphic design promotes user interaction!

High Quality Graphic Design

The goal of graphic design is to simplify information, provide visual form to ideas, and to communicate with expression. In the context of the web, graphic design is used to advertise and provide branding, organize information into easy to read layouts, to engage users using interactive graphic elements, and to promote visual calls to action.

Vision Bloom understands how high quality graphic design can enhance the usability, feel, and credibility of a website, so we focus on consistently using high quality design elements to support the development of website pages.

This includes applying high quality typography page layout photos images interface design and interactive elements.

Brochure and Business Card Design

As an extension to our graphic design for the web, Vision Bloom provides high quality brochure and business card design, incorporating the same design principles that are used for website design to produce print and branding material that effectively communicates to your target audience.

Review our Marketing page to learn more on our branding and print services or
simply contact us directly with any questions or comments that you may have.
High quality brochure design
Click on the brochure for a closer look at a Vision Bloom designed sample, made for one of our clients.

Professional Photography

Vision Bloom provides professional photography as a means to capture the right imagery for your website. This includes photography of products business locations events models equipment staff portraits and other related cases.

Vision Bloom Professional Photography for Web Design
Photography is used as a complimentary tool in web design to better showcase and communicate with the user.

Rich Multimedia Design with Adobe Flash

Rich Multimedia Design is the capability to incorporate dynamic and engaging multimedia within a more graphically static environment, such as a website. Today, Adobe Flash is the de facto technology to bring rich multimedia to the web, and Vision Bloom makes appropriate use of this technology in the design of websites.

Vision Bloom's initial site was designed entirely in Flash and is an example of how Flash
can be used to incorporate animations, video, and interactivity into a website:

So why is rich multimedia design important? Because it stimulates the user to act and engage, allowing your message, service, or product to be better publicized to your audience. Specifically, rich multimedia design allows for the integration of Video Animations Interactive Elements, Audio & Music and can serve as an Integration Platform for new and innovative technologies.

Adobe Flash Brings Creative and
Rich Multimedia To Your Website
Video and Audio Engaging Websites Online Games Advanced Applications
Rich Multimedia Design with Adobe Flash provides expressive capabilities that can provide users on your website with engaging experiences.

Note: There are various technologies besides Flash that allow Rich Media to be used in the design of a website. Vision Bloom always
makes use of the appropriate technology that is right for the job, determined by focusing on maintainability, proper fit, and design principles.

Remembering the Purpose of a Well Designed Website

Web design Zen is within your reach, contact Vision Bloom web design.
Help produce credibility To garner credibility and trust
Appeal and engage the user To attract the user's attention
Communicate effectively And to communicate and engage the user to take action

Remember, poor design begets poor customers!

Since potential customers can judge you very quickly simply based on the look and feel of your online presence, it's important to not trust your website design to just anyone.

Good web design does not need to be a mystery. By using the appropriate design principles and capabilities mentioned above, good design can come together to work for you.

Attain Web Design Enlightenment!
Contact Vision Bloom for high quality web design.

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